Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What Is Your Strength And Weakness

This is a popular interview question
Following are 3 sample answers
Sample answer#1
My strength is my ability to convert negative work environment into a positive and at the same time, developing a supportive team. I am also capable of keeping many projects on track and ensuring deadlines are met. As far as my weakness is concerned I get impatient sometimes in order to get everything done very quickly. To tackle the problem, I am trying to re-consider the to-do list and prioritize the tasks.

Sample answer#2
I am very comfortable working with a different group of people. My strength is my analytical and planning skills, developed over the years, help me to complete my work before the deadline. I am a little bit nervous while speaking in a group, but I have given good number of paper presentation to overcome this.
Sample answer#3
I am efficient in a number of programing languages including HTML, C++, Java and AppleScript.  I have generated over 100% excess revenue for two separate companies through cost cutting programming efficiency, and I have leadership experience with a team of five IT professionals working on some of the popular iPhone apps online.  As far as weakness is concerned I have a tendency to remain quiet in meetings, but I am working on speaking up when I feel I have ideas to share.
  • Focus mostly on strengths
  • Show the interviewer how you are putting effort to overcome the weakness
  • Mention about your real weakness but do mention about how you are going to fix it
  • Make sure your strength and weakness don’t contradict each other
  • Research well about the position you are applying for and identify the area where you can apply your strength
  • Choose a weakness that is acceptable for the job in hand
  • Don’t confuse interests with strength or dislikes with weaknes

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